Write me a letter?

Reading my page and wishing we could chat? Worry not! There are plenty
of ways to contact me (aside from my chatbox on my homepage of course).

First is my G-mail account - I made one specifically for the purposes of this
website, because my other accounts tend to get pretty clogged with spam and such.
You can click the graphic below to quickly begin an email.

Second is my Discord, good for more one-on-one talks. It’s wygolvillage#1090.
Feel free to friend me!

I try to answer in a timely manner, and if I don’t, I am very sorry.

I also have a Tumblr and a Youtube Channel.

Here's the link to my Neocities profile as well.

I also run the Forgemasters Castlevania Forum!
Click the banner below to pay us a visit.

Here’s to (hopefully!) making new friends!

It'd also be nice to support me on Ko-fi, but don't feel pressured to-
if you want, you can ask me for art or something in exchange :)