If you click the button up there the music will keep playing as you explore the site!

Rummage through the record box!

Welcome to the Record Box! Here I have a carefully selected sampler of songs I
really enjoy or consider my favorites, so you can get to know my music taste.

There’s an included music player on the website (you can make one at
scmplayer.net). Feel free to enjoy some good songs- it should automatically shuffle.
You may have to press the play/pause button twice to get it to start playing!

No matter how I've come across them, each of these songs are ones I consider to be my favorites.
I may add more to the website as time goes on, so don't be afraid to check back from time to time.
There currently seem to be some errors with SCM Player and I apologize as I don't know how to fix them.
I have tried many things. If you get "Youtube Error 150" just skip to the next song or look the song up on your own.
This is pretty upsetting to me. I might see about replacing it with WebAmp or something similar, but this will likely have to be its own project.

EDIT: The player now entirely does not work. Stay tuned for if I replace it.

Additionally, here's my LastFM widget, which should show you the last few songs I've played on Spotify.
I have a giant playlist that I just randomly put entire albums into and then shuffle, so
the music you're likely to see on this widget will be an eclectic, random
selection of things similar enough to my personal tastes for me to put it in the mix. I listen to music almost
exclusively like this- my listening habits are pretty much up to RNG! It's good for finding new stuff since I
used to have a habit of listening to the same songs over and over again.

Sometimes the widget won't load, in that case try refreshing :)