The coolest corners of the cyber-graveyard!

Other's Pages

germicelli - my girlfriend's website ♥

Gothic Time Machine - A page dedicated to 90s era goth-related links and
webpages. Fascinating to click around.

Kreepy Key's Halloween Horrotorium - Cool Halloween themed page with music,
recipes, movie watchlists, etc. Makes me nostalgic, and
wish I was at a Halloween party right now.

Vampire Club - A page dedicated to vampires and vampire media.

Vampire Cats Club - Similarly named, but much older. Lots of cute kitties!

Classic Pokemon Guide - A website with resources and information about
the GameBoy Pokemon games with lots of useful
tools like a GSC save converter, shiny hunting guides,
stat tracker, etc.

Games and Neat Stuff

Dracula Daily - A newsletter that delivers sections of Dracula chronologically in real time.

Re:Dracula - An audio adaptation of Dracula that updates chronologically in real time.

Album Of The Day - A website that suggests you an album based on ones submitted by users.

Orb Farm - A life sim where you can create and observe a virtual ecosystem.

Panther - A website that infinitely suggests bands to you. Just type in your favorite and click through.

DSVEdit - A useful, easy to understand modding tool for Castlevania games.

Onion Clicker - Like cookie clicker but with onions! Lots of fun :)

Bad Time Simulator - Play the infamously hard Sans Undertale fight in your browser.

Castlevania Prompt Machine - A random fanfiction prompt generator my friend made, filled to
the brim with just about every character you can imagine.

Netspeed - Fun simple browser game to pass the time

Pokemon Booster Pack Simulator - An addicting little website where you can open packs of Pokemon cards.

This Website Will Self Destruct - A website that shuts down and wipes its database if it's not sent an
anonymous message every 24 hours by someone out in the internet.

Library of Babel - A website that contains every possible variation and combination of the english alphabet.


悪魔城ドラキュラall☆starで鯨 - An incredibly animated Castlevania AMV!

Stuff I've Made

Forgemasters Forum - Also linked on my main page, this is a forum dedicated to the Castlevania video games that I created.

Charlotte of Ruin - A fun hack of Portrait of Ruin that lets Charlotte use spears as well as
other buffs and removes restrictions on armor.

Fifty-Fifty Clown - A Castlevania AMV I animated myself.

Cycles of Trauma - A video essay explaining and analyzing Castlevania.