The coolest corners of the cyber-graveyard!

Other's Pages

germicelli - my girlfriend's website ♥

Simon's Quest Dissected - Here's a page dedicated to translation and untangling the script of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.
The game is infamously cryptic and poorly translated, so it's interesting to read a more faithful translation.

Gothic Time Machine - A page dedicated to 90s era goth-related links and
webpages. Fascinating to click around.

Kreepy Key's Halloween Horrotorium - Cool Halloween themed page with music,
recipes, movie watchlists, etc. Makes me nostalgic, and
wish I was at a Halloween party right now.

EMGE's FinFin Homepage - The best resource for information on the game FinFin on TEO the Magic Planet.
Avaliable in English and German, and a really delightful example of handcrafted web design.

Vampire Club - A page dedicated to vampires and vampire media.

Solflo's Lesbian Vampire Reviews - Part of a larger site but this particular page
is most relevant to my interests. Movie reviews,
reccomendations, "horny ratings" and more. Worth reading,
and the rest of the website is worth exploring as well!

Vampire Cats Club - Similarly named, but much older. Lots of cute kitties!

Blue Moon Falls - A website with resources and information about
the GameBoy Pokemon games with lots of useful
tools like a GSC save converter, trading tool for emulation, shiny hunting guides,
stat tracker, etc. Seriously impressive stuff!

Gameboy Castlevania Fan Page - What it says on the tin.
An older site full of information about Castlevania: The Adventure and Belmont's Revenge!

Homoerotic Art Museum - A series of different webpages, all formatted
like a museum and linked together, with lots of information about
LGBT history and art. Try using the map to explore the museum!

Tools and Resources

Marginalia - A search engine designed to find
more obscure websites and to refine searches by popularity,
relevance, personal or academic sites, time period, etc.
My new search engine of choice!

Pocket Platformer - A simple tool to make 2D
platformers which can be played in the browser- and
uploaded as pages on Neocities!

Horror GIF Necronomicon - Where I've gotten a lot of my cool GIFs.

DSVEdit - A useful, easy to understand modding tool for Castlevania games.

Panther - A website that infinitely suggests bands to you. Just type
in your favorite and click through.

Games and Neat Stuff

Black Room - A strange, dream-like game about insomnia, video games, feminism, and
reclaimation, to get lost in for a while. My favorite browser game of all time.

Warriors Untold Tales - The classic Warrior Cats fangame. Nostalgic and very fun.

Fin Fin on QEMU - a fan project that allows you to easily emulate Fin Fin.
(I have linked to the blog's main tag instead of one specific post, so you
can see the latest updates to the project)

Eyedlr - I have no idea how to explain this . It's like, a simulated
Tumblr? but not??? It's mysterious and feels so off

Album Of The Day - A website that suggests you an album based on
ones submitted by users.

Orb Farm - A life sim where you can create and observe a virtual ecosystem.

Onion Clicker - Like cookie clicker but with onions! Lots of fun :)

Bad Time Simulator - Play the infamously hard Sans Undertale fight in your browser.

Castlevania Prompt Machine - A random fanfiction prompt generator my friend made, filled to
the brim with just about every character you can imagine.

Pokemon Booster Pack Simulator - An addicting little website where you can
open packs of Pokemon cards.

This Website Will Self Destruct - A website that shuts down and
wipes its database if it's not sent an anonymous message
every 24 hours by someone out in the internet.

Library of Babel - A website that contains every possible variation and combination
of the english alphabet.

Wiby Surprise - Clicking on it will redirect you to a random Web1.0 website.

Articles, Stories, and Other Readings

An Unauthorised Fan Treatise - A twisty murder mystery formatted like a fandom blog. It's a fun read!

Dracula Daily - A newsletter that delivers sections of Dracula chronologically in real time.

Re:Dracula - An audio adaptation of Dracula that updates chronologically in real time.

404 Page Not Found - A fascinating article on the impermanence of the internet, and
online culture's relationship to capitalism.


Why Did We Like Elfen Lied? - My favorite video essay of all time, I watch it every few months.
It's partially a review of Elfen Lied, an anime once popular in the 2000s,
but it's also a reflection of the authenticity of youth fan culture and liking media that "isn't made for you".

悪魔城ドラキュラall☆starで鯨 - An incredibly animated Castlevania AMV!

Li Speaks - A channel rather than a video but it was hard to choose just one!
Her videos are funny, nostalgic, and informative, and she's one of my favorite youtube creators.
Her videos have a focus on online content, virtual worlds, browser games, and more.

Stuff I've Made

Forgemasters Forum - Also linked on my main page, this is a forum dedicated
to the Castlevania video games that I created.

Charlotte of Ruin - A fun hack of Portrait of Ruin that lets Charlotte use spears as well as
other buffs and removes restrictions on

Fifty-Fifty Clown - A Castlevania AMV I animated myself.

Cycles of Trauma - A video essay explaining and analyzing Castlevania.

Breaking the Habit Castlevania AMV - Have you ever wondered whether it's possible to make an
AMV with 2D sidescroller footage? Well, so did I :P