Meet The Webmaster

NAME: Shanoa (or Noa, for short)

PRONOUNS: it/its or she/her

SPECIES: werewolf/cat/mysterious creature

SEXUALITY: lesbian

BIRTHDAY: February 19th

OCCUPATION: cyberwitch (witch that performs
magic via technology and websites)


FAVORITE BANDS/ARTISTS: This Ascension, Kate Bush,
Bauhaus, Switchblade Symphony, Cocteau Twins,
The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Molchat Doma,
SPELLLING, Vendemmian, Depeche Mode,
Light Asylum, Last Grasp, Nuovo Testamento, etc.

FAVORITE SHOW: Revolutionary Girl Utena

LIKES: Castlevania, goth music and fashion, digital art,
retro stuff, tarot, virtual pets,
Pokemon, collecting pins, thrifting and DIY, writing,
vampires, campy horror movies, spiders, Halloween,
sashimi, surreal art, horses, wolves, and probably some
other things I’m forgetting.

What are my goals with this site?

I just want to have a place that's truly my own, in a way social media cannot provide.
My main goal at heart is to make a site that feels like something
I could have gotten lost in when I was a kid... Back when the internet felt exciting.
I do think adopting some of the principles of that era can contribute to a more
healthy relationship to the internet- as well as a more fun one.

What does "Wygol Village" mean?

Wygol Village is the name of the main hub area/town in my favorite
video game, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. It's a game that's very special to
me (I even have a massive shrine for it on this site!) and after I made it my Tumblr URL
a few years ago, the moniker stuck and it's been my username on pretty much everything since.

Is all that stuff about being a werewolf or whatever real?

I mean, what are you going to do, not believe me?