Welcome to the gallery!

I'll use this page to upload pieces of art I've created.

9/11/23 - A little something for the Simon enjoyers created much like
my previous piece was. I spent like a whole week on this. sobs

9/1/23 - "Control". Everything here except the hands, shadows, etc,
are drawn in one layer on MS Paint with a mouse (yes, really)...

June, July & August 2023

8/27/23 - "On the Road Again". More silly WolfQuest OC stuff. The pups' appearances are based on
how they look as adults, since otherwise they would all be sort of dark brown lol.

8/26/23 - It's Laura from OOE!!! I slightly redesigned her outfit to be easier to draw for me. It's nice doing something in flat colors for once.

8/16/23 - "Choir Mooneye", the name of one of my main playable wolves
in WolfQuest. She lives in Lost River as a nomadic pack, and on full moons she
goes bipedal for... reasons. Probably related to all the werewolf sightings at Midnight Mountain ;)

8/11/23 - "Arma Lupus". Shanoa as a werewolf, since I'm kind of fixated on wolves and werewolves
at the moment! (Wouldn't a werewolf transformation glyph be cool?)

7/18/23 - Shanoa licky icon for Tumblr which proceeded
to not work when I uploaded it. Sad! Still,
I think it's very cute and I will be using it elsewhere.

6/24/23 - Just a silly little "humanization" of the Neocities mascot. Like I said before I wanted to branch out my style
and using airbrush tools for the first time in years was really fun tbh!!!

6/20/23 - It's been a while since I got some proper art in... So I decided to draw Spottedleaf from Warrior Cats.
I was kind of unsatified with how I draw warriors so I decided to try and revise it a little bit to make it more anime-esque and more consistent.

6/4/23 - Some doodles using only the very limited art tools on my phone's photo editor.

February, March, & April 2023

4/24/23 - tch. Just a doodle to get more in practice.

4/22/23 - A peice depicting Sunbeam and Berryheart from Warriors.

4/11/23 - I haven't drawn in so long! So here's a quick doodle of Shanoa to get back into practice :0

3/8/23- Sparklecat GIF

3/6/23 - Research Fragments: read it here!

2/14/23- Shanoa (Castlevania) wearing an outfit I wore in real life out to a date.
Older Art

Some unorganized older art that I don't have the timestamps on hand for. May be subject to updates?

And as a special treat, here's the first Castlevania fanart I ever made...